Off to Anacortes

The girls took their big summer trip to Washington state this year, to visit Grammy and Granddaddy and their namesake boat, the Molly Claire, in Anacortes.  I was all set to go on this trip, but ended up staying back in Austin at the last minute to make a big push on my secret project.

Claire was rightfully upset that I was not going, saying, “This is the worst plan in the world!”  But we all knew she would end up having tons of fun up in Washington, exploring islands, riding on boats, escaping the Texas summer heat, and of course, seeing her grandparents.  Molly is at that lucky age where she did not especially care (or understand?) that I was not going along.

Kit was brave enough to fly out there with both girls by herself.  The trip out sounded like it went pretty well, but the trip back was a little tricky, including turbulence that kept Claire buckled into her seat and caused her first peeing accident since she was a baby.  Yikes!  The girls arrived back in Austin jet lagged and urine soaked but in very good spirits.  They made quite a loud, happy racket in the airport when I greeted them, and I ended up with two girls hanging off of various limbs all the way to the car.

Since I did not go along, I can only post pictures of the trip.  I am sure the MV Molly Claire blog will cover it, though!  BTW, this is both of the girls’ first visit to Washington state.

While Kit and the girls were up galavanting around the islands, I took advantage of a huge amount of time — six full days — and got more work done on my project (80+ hours) than I had in about the last five months of working on Sunday afternoons.  I missed everyone greatly, as did our dog Muffin, who seemed “off” and confused with the house so quiet.  By the time the girls got back, I was pretty worn out from solitary working and definitely ready for the silliness, smiles, and yes, even all the yelling and stomping that comes with the girls.

Huddling with Grammy Huddling with GrammyTossing stones Tossing stonesClimbing on the rocks Climbing on the rocksExploring the harbor on the dingy Exploring the harbor on the dingyClaire sketching away on the ferryClaire sketching away on the ferry

Picking strawberries
Picking strawberries

Molly on the Molly ClaireMolly on the Molly Claire

Welcoming the girls back home
Greeting the girls at the airport


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