Formal request for food

Today after school, Claire was really hungry.  This is always a struggle.  She is always starving right after school and really wants to eat, but it is also almost time for dinner.  So she has to sit around while her tummy rumbles in pain while I cook (or rather, “prepare”) dinner.  Sometimes she has a little bit of popcorn or something, but I always enjoin her not to spoil her appetite right before dinner.  The timing is tricky here, and this can be one of the more difficult aspects of the weekday routine.

Anyways, after some discussion with Claire on the topic, Claire disappeared and, a minute later, she handed me this note.

I need foodI need food

You can tell from the handwriting that her blood sugar is low, and she has the shakes. 😉  Claire usually puts more care into notes like these, such as this one I found that she wrote to Molly.

You are a helper. You are a helper. Love, Big Sissy.

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