Tryin’ a Big Bed

Molly napping in Claire's bed

Today after lunch, right before nap time, Molly wandered upstairs by herself without a word.  We figured she went up to the girls’  room to study her books, as she does from time to time.  When I went to get Molly 20 minutes later, she was laying in Claire’s bed with her lovie and pacifier, apparently preparing to take a nap.  Yes, Molly had decided it was nap time and did not want to wait around for her ever-distracted mom and dad to make it happen, so she took matters into her own hands.  Molly just loves her naps (unlike her sister).

As I changed Molly’s diaper and prepared to put her down for her “real” nap, both Molly and Claire lobbied pretty hard to let Moly nap in Claire’s bed for real.  Why not?  Really, why not?  Hmm.  This would be Molly’s first time to sleep in a big bed (i.e., not a crib), but we’ve been thinking of moving her to a big bed for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.  As I read a nap-time story to Molly, Claire carefully arranged blankets and stuffed animals on her bed to maximize Molly’s comfort.  Then Claire and I tucked Molly into bed and headed downstairs.  We mentioned the new arrangement to Kit, who would be inheriting this situation since I was due to head off to work shortly.  On Kit’s suggestion, I went back up to the gils’ room to make sure all those stuffed animals would not smother Molly, and to place some pillows on the floor beside Claire’s bed in case Molly fell off.

The experiment worked out fine.  Molly had a god nap.  As predicted, I am told, Molly requested to sleep in Claire’s bed for night time too, but we had already warned her earlier that was not going to happen.  Kit did promise Molly that we would get her bed-girl set up pretty soon, though, but Molly would have to give up her pacifier in exchange.  Pacifiers are  not allowed in big-girl beds.  It’s like a law, Kit says.

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