Mucus and Ketchup

We had gone out to Poke-e-Jo’s Barbecue for dinner, where Molly enjoyed chicken tenders with ketchup — lots of ketchup, as always.  She also had a runny nose, and by the time we drove home, her face was covered in both mucus and ketchup.  Even Molly thought it was gross and funny.  I did not get a picture of her face at the time, since I was busy wiping it down, but here is Molly reviewing the day with us at bedtime.

Speaking of ketchup, Molly is still crazy about it.  It helps almost any food go down.  Apples?  Yes.  Raisins?  Yes.  Cheerios?  Of course.  And why not dip your macaroni and cheese in it?  That last one almost made even me gag.  But it gets the food down, and Molly is growing, so she gets to figure out later that this is gross.

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