Capital 10k

As she had a few years ago for the Peachtree Road Race, Kit convinced me to go run in the Capital 10k fun run today.  I only registered yesterday at the “last-minute” registration at the convention center.  I was not really in shape to run the full 6 miles, and our morning was squeezed for time, so I decided to take advantage of the fact that our house was almost exactly along the half-way point of the course.  The plan was for Kit and the girls to drop me off at the starting line, drive back to our house, and wait for me in the crowds along Enfield Road.  I would run the first half of the race, bow out at our house, and get on with the day.  This was a good plan.  Only later would I find out that our house, besides being almost exactly half way through the course, was also located almost exactly at the highest point on the course.  So I would be running mostly uphill for 3 miles.  Believe me, that last stretch burned!

Cap 10k starting crowd
I waited at the starting line...
...while the girls waited with Kit back near our house.

Anyways, Kit and the girls were a welcome sight at that highest point.  Claire, as always, had made some friends, and the girls had managed to borrow some pom-poms from someone nearby.  I decided that I did, in fact, want to exit the race at our house and suggested maybe next year I could run the whole thing, when I was better prepared and we hopefully did not have haircuts and furniture shopping to deal with that same morning.

...And we made a sweaty race-side reunion.
I ran to the top of that bump between 4 and 5 km. I probably could have skate boarded to the end with one push.

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