One-Shoe Molly

Molly sees no need to always wear both of her shoes. Wearing one is just as good — if not better — than two.

Sometimes one of Molly’s shoes comes off by accident, such as when getting out of her little toddler seat at the dining room table. In this case, there is no need to bother retrieving the lost shoe under the table and put it back on. That is a waste of time, people!

Other times — and this variation has yet to be fully explained — she specifically stops and sits down to take off one shoe. Sometimes she takes off the sock too, and sometimes she leaves it on. Then she gets back up and wanders off, proudly wearing a single shoe.

Molly makes this look so natural and purposeful. Could you image an adult walking up to you, wearing a solitary shoe, and just saying, “Hi, can I have a crayon?”, as Molly does. One time Molly had her pants on backwards too, which was a real sight.

Another variation, used mostly in the car, is to take off both shoes, and usually the socks too. This approach seems more sensible and mostly valid, I think. I think we all do this from time to time. The only issue here is the frequency. Some mornings, I have to put Molly’s shoes on three different times before school: once on the way out the door, again when we arrive at Claire’ school, and again when we arrive at Molly’s school.

Maybe Molly’s teachers will allow her to wear those easy-on, easy-off Crocs to school next year, so she can manage most of the repeated donning and doffing on her own.

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