President Claire

Claire’s class has been learning about America and the presidents recently.  One assignment was for each kid to write what they would do if they were president.  Claire’s, as usual, focuses on being nice:

"If I were president, I would help mean people be better."

This assignment was posted outside the classroom.  Almost every kid in the class said something about helping other people, especially people in need.  Prospective presidents would “help kids go to school”, “help people that don’t have food”, “help people who were really hurt”, “help homeless people”, “give the people clothes”, and even “give the people money.”  This is basically the opposite of what we hear in the current Republican presidential debates, the theme of which is largely not helping people. I’d vote for the kindergarten kids.  There was one loose cannon in the class, though, who promised to “go into a war” as president.  Claire thought maybe he was confused when he wrote that.

Here is Claire’s other America-relate assignment, which also came out pretty sweet.

"I love my country because there is lots of loving people."

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