Culinarily Creative

That is not caramel dip.

Molly has been eating pretty well lately, and she has even gotten more adventurous in her food choices.  She is no longer sticking so aggressively to her old familiar foods like yogurt, bread, and cheese.  She is branching out… sometimes way out.  The other night for dinner, we had boiled shrimp, apple slices, and corn.  We also gave Molly a little side of cocktail sauce since she always loves her condiments.  Molly enjoyed her shrimp, which is great, but oddly enough, she preferred it plain.  Turns out she was saving her cocktail sauce for the apples.  Yum!  Why not top your juicy apple slices with a little horseradish, ketchup, and lemon juice?  I have to admin, I was almost tempted to try it, but I was still feeling burned from a long time ago when Kit and Claire convinced me to try some jalapeño vinegar on my watermelon.  I did not like it, but we might try it on Molly.

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