Claire Turns 6!

Two days after her big birthday bash, Claire officially turned six today!

Claire started the day at school by joining the morning announcements on the school-wide PA system.  She and a couple of other kids got to announce their name and class and the fact that it was their birthday to the whole school.  Claire was pretty excited to do this, and kept her composure for her brief announcement from a back room in the school’s main offices.

Claire announcing her birthday to the school
Claire also received a nice Monkey Mail message
from a classmate.

As per our tradition, Claire got to pick what and where to eat for dinner.  We offered to make her anything she wanted at home or go out somewhere.  After some vacillation, she picked Phil’s Ice House, probably for its fine playground, which is always populated by active kids looking for fun.  Claire tried to get something going with the other kids, but they were mostly older boys, so it was a little tough.  Still, she persisted and manage dot have some fun.  Molly tried many especially daring feats, including climbing up a chain ladder by herself and sliding down a really big, covered slide.  Claire and Molly played and managed to settle down for a little food too.

Claire at Phil’s

At home, Claire had a cupcake and opened her present form us, which was a kid-firendly real digital camera which Kit found on sale just that day (her original birthday present will become a Christmas present.)  Claire did not seem too excited about the camera, but we think she will come to love it, especially on our upcoming trip to Washington DC.

Opening her present.

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