Claire’s Turn to Read

It’s time one again to see what Claire and Molly are reading these days…

And when I saw “what Claire is reading”, I really mean it.  She is reading to us some every night.  She is bringing home a different I-can-read type of book from school every week and reads to us each night before we read a book to her.  These learning books cover topics such as “Play Dough”, and are repetitive, featuring a similar sentence on each page, as in:

    I can make a pancake with my play dough.
    I can make a hamburger with my play dough.

These are not page-turners, but still, it is very exciting to see Claire read.  She mostly has these books memorized, but she does have a new-found reading confidence and does also like to attempt unknown books, slowly sounding out the words and figuring them out on her own more often than not.  She seems to enjoy the challenge but wears out pretty quickly, after only a few words.  Reading is tough work when it’s a new skill!

Claire likes to occasionally being up additional reading and phonics topics such as “the silent E” and “people who’s names also start with C”.

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