Party at the Park

Yesterday was Molly’s actual birthday, but today being a Saturday, we were able to really celebrate.

We kept the celebration small, just family this year.  Noni and grandpa Phil were in town for the occasion, so they and Molly had a lot of great face time together.  Kit wanted to do something that Molly would really like, so we decided on going to Pease Park and just letting her go nuts.  We brought some Sesame-Street-themed party supplies to make it festive.  Molly and Claire both got identical party favors, which were completely mixed up together by the afternoon.

One of Molly’s classmates had her second birthday party today at a local kid-oriented gym (and indoor play area) in the afternoon.  It was nice to celebrate with one of Molly’s friends as well.  Claire was the biggest kid at the party and seemed to enjoy helping the little ones out (especially Molly), and just going nuts herself.

We managed to open a couple of presents today but still have some left over for tomorrow.  Some highlights include an Elmer the Patchwork Elephant stuffed animal to go with Molly’s Elmer book, an interactive electronic toddler purse, and a hand-made book from Claire (and Noni).

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