Fresh Lettuce

A couple of months ago, during the more spring-like growing season, Grammy brought some lettuce seeds up here to plant with Claire.  They planted the seeds in a container in the back yard, and before long, the lettuce was off and growing.

Now that it is hot and dry, the lettuce is just starting to wilt and die back.  So last night I asked Claire if she would like to try eating some of her home-grown lettuce with dinner.  She said yes, and was pretty excited about it.  So I went outside and cut some lettuce off to serve up as a basic lettuce salad with our ravioli.   It looked pretty nice, actually.  I even made a big deal about how fresh the lettuce was. “Fresh lettuce, coming up!”  Claire is not a big salad eater, and not really into salad dressing, so she just went for a tentative bite of the stem.

From the look of her face, the lettuce did go down so well for Claire.  Even after adding dressing and croutons.

At first I thought Claire just wasn’t used to the (rather mild) taste lettuce, but when I tried some myself, I had to admit it was really bitter.  Even with a generous amount of ranch dressing and croutons, the bitterness still fought its way through.  It tasted like something you’re not supposed to eat.  I hope I haven’t ruined Claire on salads!

Anyways, it was great to grown some of our own food, and I am glad the lettuce survived this far.  Maybe next year we’ll try tomatoes or oranges or something.  Or hot dogs.  Oh wait, now that would really ruin her on hot dogs.

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