Check Mate

Claire told us this story tonight over dinner…

During her gymnastics class at school today, Claire accidentally bumped into her friend Julian.  Claire and Julian get along great, and Julian’s parents have even told us “he has been sweet on Claire for years.”  Anyways, when Claire bumped into him, she followed standard school protocol and checked on him.  “Are you hurt?” she said.  “Yes”, Julian replied.  “What do you need?” said Claire, following protocol.  Julian thought for a second and replied, “I need you to stop checking on me!”  Then he “laughed so hard he cried”, according to Claire.

Anyways, this was supposed to be a joke of Julian’s, not anything mean.  But you could interpret it as sort of a mean joke, if you didn’t know these kids.  Taking on the role of amateur psychologist, I asked Claire how this exchange made her feel.  She thought for a minute and said, “It made me feel… weird.”  I swear, these kids are getting complicated.

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