Rainbow Star Wars

We made the mistake of recording Star Wars again, this time the whole original trilogy, episodes IV through VI, and letting Claire know about it.  She was really excited to get a chance to watch it some more after her initial teaser a few months ago.  On the plus side, she finally got to meet Yoda.  Her favorite episode is Return of the Jedi, although she can’t tell us why.  Maybe the ewoks?

Claire notices a lot of things in the movies like people’s outfits and even the colors of their lightsabers.  She says that if she had a lightsaber, it would be rainbow-sparkle colored.  She asks a lot of questions about what people are doing and why.  She is fascinated with Darth Vader and the idea that he is kind of nice after all.  But when Darth is being mean, she calls him ugly names like “mustard syrup” and says that she would poke him in the eye or kick him in the shin to make him go away.

Even though Claire likes Star Wars, she insists that does not mean she likes “boy stuff”.  As if to punctuate the point, she sometimes wanders off mid-movie to go play with her My Little Pony toys.

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