More Words

Molly has been learning more real words.  She has picked up many on her own, and we have also been working on body parts and some picture books.  I wanted to take a moment to record all the words she can say at the moment while such an exercise can even be attempted.  These are the words that she can say and whose meaning she seems to understand, in alphabetical order.  
  • apple – she does not eat a lot of these, but she likes the way they look
  • bye bye
  • cheese (“chee”) – sometimes used in combination with “muh” (see below)
  • doggie
  • dada
  • ear (“eee”)
  • happy
  • hi – sometimes said as “hey”, sometimes combined with a person, such as “hida”
  • mama
  • more (“muh”) – usually accompanied by the “more” hand sign.  She seems to think this actually means “I want it”.
  • mouth – (“mou”)
  • nose (“no”)
  • no (“nuh”) – often repeatedly many times for emphasis, ie “nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh”
  • yeah – informal affirmative, used in lieu of “yes”
Then there is “elmo” / “emo” / “emma” which may refer to any or all of:
  • The annoying Sesame Street character 
  • Grammy’s dog Emma
  • Grammy Joyce
This word is a matter of some debate, but in my recollection, it started out with a very clear “L” sound in the middle (“ellllmo”) and evolved towards the “Emma” variation when said dog was in town.
Molly has not even begun to figure out what to call her beloved sister Claire.  We have attempted to plant “Kay Kay” or “Sissy” in her mind, but these seeds have not born fruit, perhaps because they are stupid ridiculous.

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