The Land of Ice and Snow

This week, Texas, and most of the country, received an extended frigid blast of winter weather. We did not have to tolerate anything too bad here in Austin. Sure, it was real cold — down into the teens at night, some days never above freezing all day, and windy to boot. But we were fortunate enough to avoid any power outages or other substantial discomforts. Kit’s parents were not quite as lucky. They were in town and got stranded here for a few extra days due to ice and other logistical issues.

The girls, of course, had a ball. They missed a bunch of school due to the weather (and illness) and stayed home with good ol’ Grammy while Kit and I worked. Claire recovered from strep in time to enjoy the snow on Friday, which provided a rare opportunity for snowball fights and a snowman, not to mention some fun pictures and videos (see below). Claire and I also enjoyed a brisk walk around the block right before bedtime on one of the colder nights, punctuated by some refreshing hot peppermint tea at home.
Finally, some footage of us pelting Molly with snow balls. I promise, she enjoyed the snowballs just about up to the point where we started rolling video.

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