More Words

Molly has been picking up more words in just the last few days. She now sometimes asks for milk by name, which comes out as simply “mmm mmm mmm” while she is emphatically pointing at the milk bottle during breakfast.

Today at school she was making what sounded like babbling sounds I realized she was actually saying “bubble” over and over. Sure enough, she was pointing right at a bottle of liquid for making bubbles.

Molly also likes to call out balls by name when she sees one, and she carefully and slowly sounds out the whole word: “baaaaallll”. Of course, she has a pretty loose definition of a ball. It seems to mean “anything you can pick up and play with”. For instance, a book or a toy might count as a ball. Close enough, right? She should probably not be umpiring in a baseball game at this point, though. There would be lots of walks.

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