Molly has been fascinated with our dog Muffin for weeks.  Muffin is always there as Molly sits in her high chair and drops (actually, throws) her unwanted food on the floor.  Molly has actually gotten pretty good at throwing her sippy cup at Muffin, but Muffin gladly braves the possibility of suddenly being pelted on the head for the possibility some spare bread, cheese, or sometimes better.

Lately, Molly has been trying to say “doggie” as she watches the fuzzy dog on the floor.  She always seems to get stuck on the “G” sound, and it usually comes out as “daddy” even though she is clearly pointing at the dog.  But Molly seems determined to say this tricky word more than any other right now, and she keeps pointing at Muffin’s picture in a little book we have (from Grammy) and trying to say “doggie”.  Until yesterday it still normally came out as “daddy”.  But no longer.  Yesterday she got it several times, as you will see (actually, hear) at the end of this short video.

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