Polly Wogalina and friends

Claire’s imagination continues to run on high power. She spent most of last weekend in character as a five year old girl named Tara who lives in a hotel lobby. Tara loves to show guests around the hotel lobby (the downstairs of our house) as well as the hotel kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. There is one guest room upstairs. Apparently it is a fairly exclusive hotel. Tara hangs out with a six year old boy named Sam (me). She spends a lot of time saying things like, “Hey, Sam! You wanna see the hotel dog?” A hotel chef (also me) serves delicious food from time to time, about which she always says, “My compliments to the chef!”, which she learned from her grandparents.

Over the last few days, Tara has morphed into Polly Wogalina, a two year old toddler who also lives in a hotel lobby. Polly is bigger and abler than her baby sister, Pig Tail Polly Wogalina (Molly), but big Polly is still just learning to walk, and talk she speaks like a baby, although she has full control of proper and sometimes quite complex grammar. I am a boy named French. Sometimes I call Claire “Polly Woggle”, but she does not like that. Kit is Sarah Cockaberra, a name which Claire is very proud to have invented.

We will see what next weekend holds, although Claire may be too distracted from Christmas presents to create any brand new characters.

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