Trip to Corpus

Due to a variety of factors, it had been at least of couple of years since Kit had been back home to Corpus Christi. We had seen lots of Grammy and Grandaddy in this time, but they had always come to us. So Kit was determined to go home for a quick visit, and at the tail end of a rare week off from work, we made the drive down to see visit Grammy and Grandaddy, who were just back from an extended trip to Washington state.

It had been so long since we had been to Corpus Christi than Claire said she did not remember their house. And of course, it was Molly’s first visit to Corpus Christi. The kids had a ball, mostly just playing around the house and the backyard. Grammy had set up a little wagon full of toys for each girl, stealing partly from Kit’s old favorites. When we weren’t hanging out playing or watching the baseball playoffs (go Rangers!), we made the occasional excursion, such as to the Lego exhibit at the art museum. Claire and Grammy also made up a great birthday cake and celebration for me. It was a fun, relaxed time, and Grammy took care of everything. Here are some pictures.

The drive home was not very nice and relaxed, however. There was some fussing (shrieking, actually) from little Molly, a rather awkward roadside bathroom-less bathroom break for Claire, some vomiting from Kit, and a panting Muffin who we snuck onto the patio at EZ’s in San Antonio to keep her from overheating in the back with the luggage. Things arguably could have gone worse, though, and we were glad to visit Corpus, if only briefly.

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