That’s Not Baby Food!

Tonight, Molly, Claire, Kit, and Kit’s parents went to dinner at Magnolia Cafe. Unfortunately, I missed this one because I was off trying to catch up on work, thanks to the generous grandparent coverage.

Apparently Kit was eating a salad with Molly in her lap (uh oh!). Kit was trying to keep Molly out of her salad, especially since it had a big red heap of salsa on top. When Kit turned away for just a second to talk to Claire (or something like that) Molly jumped on the opportunity and grabbed as much salsa as she could hold in her little baby hand. And of course, being a baby, Molly immediately stuck the salsa right into her mouth. This is a baby who had thus far subsisted solely on milk, baby formula, and mashed vegetables and fruits. The idea of “spicy” or even “seasoned” was completely new to her.

Fortunately, Molly took fairly well to the odd mixture. She did not cry. She simply looked bemused and carried on with things. We can safely say that this was Molly’s very first taste of salsa or anything even remotely interesting for that matter.

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