Twelve-Pound Bunny Rabbit

Since her first crack at solid foods, Molly has been finding rice cereal a little dull. She mostly just plays with it, and is has not been very interested in consuming lots of it. Our pediatrician had recommended moving Molly on to vegetables pretty quick after dipping her proverbial toes in the pool with rice cereal, so we decided to go with carrots as her second food.

Kit’s parents were in town, and the weather was finally sunny and spring-like, so we went out for lunch at Freddie’s, which features outdoor dining and a playground. It was at Freddie’s that Molly tried her first carrots. She gobbled them right up and really seemed to enjoy them. She even cried in protest when the next spoonful was not quick enough in coming. I doubt Molly would have even touched boring ol’ rice cereal at Freddie’s, with all of its distractions, but these carrots sure did the trick.

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