It’s Still Pants

This morning Kit was complaining about her pants on her way out to work. We had just picked them up from the dry cleaners last night, and even though we had asked for no crease as always, Kit discovered this morning that her pants in fact had a sharp crease down the middle.

So Kit was about to walk out to the car, saying something like, “These dry cleaners! We really need to go somewhere else. I hate the creases!” Claire heard this and said sweetly, “Maybe you should wear a dress like I do.” It was such a nice, constructive suggestion. Kit said that was a good idea, but she already had her pants on and needed to go ahead and wear them. Claire observed again sweetly, “Okay. Well, it’s still pants.”

She really cheered up our morning.  It is nice to see Claire have such a good perspective and try to be so constructive and helpful. 

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