Baby Fingers

When Molly is trying to get to sleep (or perhaps trying to not get to sleep) she has started playing with her hands a lot. She’ll hold up her arm and turn them back and forth, up and down for minutes on end, just watching them. I guess she is learning that these crazy sticks are actually attached to her body, and she can move them around by herself. That would be fascinating.
She also likes to manipulate individual fingers. She often holds up two fingers in sort of a V sign. At school, the teachers said Molly does this a lot. In fact, one time the only way they knew Molly had woken up from a long nap was the tell-tale two fingers rising up from her bed, where her body is otherwise out of site. I joked that this was like something from a horror movie, and they said, “Yeah, beware the two fingers!” I realized later that the video game Left 4 Dead 2 is what I was thinking of. Creepy!

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