Putting It Away

Claire does not always want to eat.  Usualy she wants to do something else, namely play.  But when she sets her mind to it, she can really put it away.

We went to EZ’s for lunch the other day, and Claire picked the kid’s hamburger meal somewhat surprisingly over chicken tenders and pizza.  I am not sure what was “kid’s” about the burger.  It was a full sized grown-up burger, even a pretty big one.  I was expecting Claire to nibble around the edges and then play with her favorite new little baby doll from Book People.  Kit and I got to talking and tending to Molly, who was crying in her portable car seat.  Then I looked over and saw Claire eating the last bit of her burger.  Wow, that thing was almost as big as her head, and now it was in her stomach.  I even checked the floor — no burger.

As a matter of contrast, we had burgers again tonight (we are making a point of eating real healthy right now 😉 ), and Claire literally did not touch it.  She ate grapes, a pear, an apple, and some cheddar goldfish crackers.  Maybe I gawked at her too much back at EZ’s when I saw her hamburger disappear.

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