Claire Awaits Her Baby Sister

While Kit and I were at the hospital delivering Molly, life went on somewhat normally for Claire.  Of course, we did need some help while Kit, Molly, and I were in the hospital.  Claire is pretty responsible, but she is not old enough to take care of herself yet.  If she did, I would just love to see what kind of dinner she would make herself, and when she would put herself to bed.  I picture her asleep on the living room floor, covered in chocolate ice cream with Horton Hears a Who playing on the TV.  But we will never know, because Kit’s parents came down to help out.  šŸ˜‰

Claire went to school today as normal.  Her daily note from school read as follows:

Note that Claire was “super excited” about her baby sister, for whom we had not officially picked out a name yet.  Also, it just so happens to be Mexican Independence Day, which is neat.  And who is this Pinky?  What happened to her today?  Pinky is the class hamster, and she died today.  Claire got the next door neighbor, Aubry, back in Atlanta when she was born.  And now Molly seems to have gotten Claire’s class hamster.  It is the circle of life, I suppose.

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