Miss Polite

Tonight I noticed a pile of Claire’s toys piled at the top of the stairs leading up to our bedroom.  When I approached Claire about the mess, I was expecting some sort of fight, or maybe a look of shame or guilt.  But her response surprised me.  We had the following conversation, almost verbatim, and without a hint of sarcasm from Claire.

  • Pat: “Hey Claire, there are a lot of toys on the stairs.  That is pretty dangerous.  Somebody could slip on them.”
  • Claire: “I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have put them there.”
  • Pat: “That’s okay.  I just wanted to let you know.”
  • Claire: “Okay.  I shouldn’t have put those toys there.  I really should have asked you.”

I don’t normally have conversations that civil with mature adults!  I should savor this moment.  I am sure we will be back to somewhat less mature exchanges again tomorrow.

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