Normally after her bath, I will wrap Claire up in a towel and let her get all warm and dry while she sits on my lap for a couple of minutes. Tonight we did the usual drill, except it was late so I cut it just a little short. After about a minute, I motioned towards her pajamas.

“Can we just sit and think for a minute?” said Claire.
“Okay, let’s just sit and think,” I replied.

A few seconds went by before Claire broke the silence.

“I’m thinking about zebras, Daddy. What are you thinking about?”
“Kids,” I replied.

Another few seconds went by.

“What are you thinking about now, Daddy?”
“Dogs,” I said, spotting some of Muffin’s hair on the floor. “What are you thinking about?”
“Monkies,” said Claire.

Then Claire said that she had done enough thinking for the night and wanted to get dressed for bed. The next night, she wanted to sit and think again. The topic this time was “opposites”.

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