Wise Beyond Her Years

I was getting Claire ready for her bath tonight. For some reason, Claire observed that she was small. I said yes, she is small now, but she is growing every day. One day she will be really big, just like a grown up! Claire did not have any of this. She said in a slightly worried tone, “I don’t want to be a grown up.” The other day, when I picked her up from school, Claire said, oddly, “We need to figure out how to keep me from growing.”

I thought all kids wanted to grow up and be big so they can eat and drink whatever they want, and go to their fancy offices, and stay up as late as they want, and drive cars around really fast… you know, the whole nine yards. But Claire seems to have her eye on the ball on this one. She knows that being a kid is so fun, why would you want to grow up? It’s preposterous.

Let’s see what she says in another 10 years.

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