The Glowing Towers of Dallas

Ever since it has started to get dark earlier, Claire has developed an intense interest in the glowing towers of Dallas. The first one that got her attention, and still her favorite, is the 921-foot tall Bank of America Tower downtown. Not only is it extremely tall, but is it also decorated with neon green lights from top to bottom, like a gigantic Christmas tree. Driving around Dallas, to and from school, shopping, or whatever, we sometimes catch fleeting glimpses of this tower, and Claire yells, “There’s the green tower!” Claire’s theory is that a prince lives in the top of the tower, and kids live on the other floors. At one point, Claire became so obsessive about this tower that she cried and yelled when she could not see it any more, and the disappointment ruined her mood for the whole night until we put her to bed. I think that episode was more about being tired or otherwise messed up than the tower itself. We talked about it the next day, and she sort of apologized for acting so mad about it and said she just wanted to see the tower again sometime.

Her fondness extends to other towers as well. She enjoys the Cityplace Tower, which is closer to our house, so we get better views of it. She calls this “the tower that matches my hair”, although she also knows it and the Bank of America Tower by their official names. (I personally like to call it Nakatomi Plaza since it reminds me of the movie Die Hard). From school she can see a clock tower and an office building with blue neon lights around the top. She says a prince also lives in the blue tower, but probably no kids live in the clock tower. You can tell she thinks these things through.

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