I Did a Poo!

Claire did her first poo in the potty at home!

Right before her bath tonight, Claire got real quiet and just stood still, looking a little red in the face. This means she is about to poo.

I picked her up and set her on the toilet in our bedroom. After about two seconds, she said, “I’m done!”, which is pretty much the normal routine. But she obviously still had to poo, so I told her I would read a book to her if she would stay on the potty. She agreed, and I read her Goodnight, Texas twice. Around the end of the second reading, she did her poo and then got a happy smile on her face and said, “I’m done!”

Kit and I clapped and hollered and hopped aroound and told her we were so proud. She seemed a little surprised by all the attention. She has purportedly done this particular “trick” numerous times at school, I assume without receiving this kind of attention.

We went downstairs and picked out a special sticker for her potty sticker poster. Since this was an extra special case, we also gave her a little bit of lemon sorbet as a treat. For some reason, this ended up being called simply “flavor” later, as in, “I want a flavor!” Anyways, she liked it a lot and went off to bed proud and happy.

Claire has done the same trick a few more times, but usually in her pants. Afterwards, she sometimes asks for a sticker and “lemon flavor”, so maybe she is missing some of the point about using the actual potty. Or maybe it is just wishful thinking, and it can’t hurt to ask, right?

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