Goodbye, High Chair

Claire has been recently resisting sitting in her high chair. In the last day or two as we started to put her in her high chair for a meal, she started to specifically ask to sit in a regular chair. “I want to sit there!”, she says, pointing at one of the normal adult chairs. So we tried it out a couple of times, and Claire did just fine. We use one of Kit’s big, thick pathology books as a booster to make things a little easier, but even that is optional. She doesn’t mind reaching up high to grab her food, and she seems to revel in how big and independent she is becoming.

So today, as part of our massive and ongoing cleanup and de-cluttering efforts, we moved the high chair down into the basement “loading zone” area to eventually donate or sell. It’s yet another step to Claire gradually becoming a big kid, and perhaps a fitting way to start off the new year.

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