First Day of Pre-Pre-School

Today Claire started preschool. School starts at 9:00 am, so we have a little extra time to burn in the morning. It’s not enough time to do anything substantial like work in the yard or do any serious errands, but it is enough time to cook up a special “power breakfast” to help Claire keep her energy and mood up for the whole morning. So we had an egg, tomato, onion, and cheese omelet to start things off right.

The drop off at school was not bad. After last week’s meet & greet, I knew exactly where to go and what to bring. And Claire already knew the classroom was a fun place to hang out with Ms. Betsy. Claire and I arrived a few minutes early, so we spent some extra time naming all the animals on the large Noah’s Ark mural in the hallway. Animals are one of Claire’s specialties, and she was able to name all of them.

After a few minutes, I dropped her off with her bag of supplies and headed for the door pretty quickly. Claire made a run for me as I walked down the hall, saying “Daddy, Daddy!” in an excited but not panicked voice. Ms. Betsy swooped her up and took her back to the room without incident.

I was to meet Grace back at the school at noon to pick Claire up and introduce Grace to everyone as someone who is “cool” to pick up Claire. I worked on my laptop in a coffee shop near the preschool during the morning to avoid wasting the nearly hour round trip in the car. This worked out well, and it would be fun working from coffee shops more often except for calling into meeting on my pay-by-the-minute cell phone with The Beatles playing in the background. I actually had to retreat to the car for the 11:00 conference call.

The pickup went fine, and Claire was happy to see me, Grace, Reese (who was in the class two doors down), and Melanie all show up. Ms. Betsy told us that Claire did not cry at all, she had a very good time, and she talked a lot. I felt a little bad, because Melanie had just told me that Reese had cried for the first two weeks of preschool. As we left the classroom, Claire said her loud “gooodbyyye!”, and we headed out with her first school drawing (hey, at least she got the scribbles on the page). Grace and Melanie struggled a bit getting Claire, Reese, and Baby Davis in the back seat of the Camry, and I headed back to work at home until the afternoon pickup. Aside from some logistical issues, this school thing seems to be working out pretty well so far.

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