This is my first actual blog post.

Every post in this blog before this one has been copied here from an awkward, terse text file on my Palm Pilot, where I had been keeping rough notes on Claire’s various milestones and adventures. “At least,” I thought, “this way I can record stuff about Claire when it happens, and someday I will go back, clean the text up, and put it somewhere, uh, better.”

Well, behold… the future is now! I have just realized, only a few short years into the blogging craze, that a blog is the perfect place to chronicle Claire’s early years.

I had completely forsaken blogs until recently. Blogs do still make me think of slanted and ugly political non-journalism, meaningless rumor sites, or blogs about other bloggers. But after using a blog at work to track how to charge my time, I realized that a blog is the perfect place to chronicle Claire’s early years (until she can handle this herself) because:

  • It’s a date-based record.
  • I can add a few notes from anywhere with internet access.
  • It’s automatically backed up (somewhere).
  • It’s free.
  • I already had an account through google; no new account necessary.

Anyways, this is a blog about Claire, not about blogging. Man, this is the absolute worst kind of blog post, the lowest of the low… a blog about blogging. Excuse me while I slap myself.

In my defense, I just wanted to add an entry to sort of demarcate the “old stuff” and the “new stuff”. So here you go. Now back to Claire and the fun stuff.

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