Clueless ROBLOX Dad

This is me in Roblox. This pic pretty well describes how I feel in that game. I’m just thinking “What is going on here?!” And then some random player wants to be my girlfriend. So weird (and, no thanks).

Molly and Claire are great tour guides. Molly is so patient and wants to show me the whole world! This pic is from Royale High, one of Mollys favorite games at the moment.

As a side note, Claire has been calling me “Bloxy Dad”.  I call her “Bloxy Teen”.  And Mollys is, somehow, “Alex”.

Mr. Quadrister

Molly has named Mr. Quadrister.  She thought of that name while hopping around being silly the other day.  And the name has name stuck. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Now Claire is Sister Quadrister.

And Molly is Hula Girl.