First Haircut

Today Claire had her hair really cut — not just a little trim — for the first time. This did not happen in a hair studio or a barber shop. Claire had her hair cut by Ms. Janet, one of her teachers, out on the street in front of her school

You may be wondering… Does Ms. Janet make a habit of cutting her students’ hair out in the street in front of the school? Well, I should hope not. This was a special occasion, the school’s annual street fair and fundraiser. The word on the street (so to speak) was that Ms. Janet was a licensed beautician, and very good with little kids. So she took the opportunity to set up a little outdoor barber shop for the fair. She had set up a big tall chair and a full-length mirror in the street, almost in someone’s driveway.

Claire was looking pretty shaggy, so we decided to give the $10 cut-and-style a try. When we sat her up in the stool, Claire seemed a little worried. But she knew Ms. Janet was cool, so she stayed with it. Once Ms. Janet started spraying Claire with the water bottle to sort of prime her hair, Claire got more worried. After all, Claire must have been thinking, why the heck was she sitting here in someone’s driveway getting sprayed with cold water in the face by her teacher, and on a non-school day? I bet it just didn’t make any sense; then again, many things probably don’t make sense to a two year old.
One she got going, and despite some mild resistance, Ms. Janet got Claire’s hair trimmed pretty quickly. The cut looked good overall, but Ms. Janet did cut Claire’s bangs a little bit straight and short, so she looked sort of boyish. Still, it was an improvement from the old mess of her hair. Ms. Janet invited us to come by any Saturday for another haircut at her shop, Cleopatra’s Hair Salon, in the nearby mall.

During the cut, Claire’s classmate Abby and her mom had shown up to watch and wait for the next cut. When it was her turn, Abby’s mom plopped Abby down on the big chair and asked Ms. Janet to go easy on the bangs. Abby was a funny sight up there, holding perfectly still with a worried look on her face, turning a little red, and grasping the sides of the chair like her life depended on it. But she powered through and ended up with a better hair style than Claire, thanks to the more girlish bangs.

After the haircut, we explored the fair some more. Claire had a real live pony ride (another first), got a ribbon for her hair, and got to look at lots of neat toys. Then it was off to home to have lunch and wait for her hair to grow out.

Before and after photos: