About This Blog

Childhood as it Happens

It started in 2007, when my first daughter was a year and a half old, with…

an awkward, terse text file on my Palm Pilot, where I had been keeping rough notes on Claire’s various milestones and adventures. “At least,” I thought, “this way I can record stuff about Claire when it happens, and someday I will go back, clean the text up, and put it somewhere, uh, better.”

I knew childhood would go by fast and moments would be forgotten, so I wanted to capture some of those funny or interesting little moments as they happened.

My goal is for my kids to be able to look back on memories from years ago for a laugh, a fond memory, or some perspective.

TODO something about owning this itself instead of depending on FB, IG, etc.

TODO Make it clear I am not trying to blog everything!  These are little snapshots when it’s easy or important.