Mothers Day 2012

Waking up Kit on Mothers Day 2012
Waking up Kit on Mothers Day

Kit was woken up by her girls on Mothers Day with breakfast in bed. ¬†This was Claire’s idea, and she helped prepare Kit’s breakfast and brought it into her room on a tray. ¬†We also fetched Molly to help celebrate, and of course Kit received a number of hugs and kisses. ¬†Molly, perhaps encouraged by the presence of some helium balloons we had picked out the day before, kept trying to sing Happy Birthday to Kit, and then to herself. ¬†She eventually gave up only after a few explanations that this was not Kit’s, or anyone’s, birthday — Mothers Day is similar but different. ¬†Molly eventually said “Oh” and moved on.

Claire's own project for Kit
"Mothers Day is a day to hug your mom. I am going to hug her right now."

Claire presented Kit with both a project she did at school for Mother’s day
and another drawing she did at home. ¬†She got to stay up a bit late a couple of nights earlier to complete this drawing. ¬†Claire’s home project was a drawing of the whole family with a cake and hearts and a caption that said, in kindergarten-style phonetic writing,¬†“Mothers Day is a day to hug your mom. ¬†I am going to hug her right now.” ¬†Claire’s school project invalid filling in the blanks for a few questions about her mom, and among other things, it said that Kit is “as pretty as a rose” and 50 lbs. and 10 feet tall (that part last was a good guess, sort of in the ballpark, you could say).

Claire's Mothers Day assignment
Claire's Mothers Day assignment

Molly had also completed ¬†a school project, a framed picture, which sadly, I cannot find now to scan. ¬†I think Kit put it somewhere “special”, and I cannot find it right now.

After breakfast, we all iced cookies for Kit. ¬†Claire wanted to use green icing since green is Kit’s favorite color. ¬†Molly helped with the icing and did a surprisingly good job, given her young age and her predilection to cover herself in goop whenever she gets the chance.


Pease Parking

Molly was playing around with her little car in the back yard with her mom. ¬†Molly was arranging the car by the bikes when Kit said, “You’re parking your car.” ¬†Molly replied that she was “Pease Parking the car.” ¬†It seems that Molly is even as¬†fond of Pease Park¬†as Claire is.

Molly's little car packed full of stuff.
Molly's little car "Pease Parked" and packed full of stuff.